General Credit Report Information for the End User

There are two different levels of credit reports that can be done. Our credit report is a “soft pull”, which means it doesn’t show as an inquiry on the applicant’s credit and doesn’t show or affect their credit score. We also only pull the report from one credit bureau, TransUnion. The other method is a “hard pull”, which pulls from all 3 credit bureaus and takes the average of the reports, shows their credit score and does show as an inquiry.

“What is the TU – High Risk Fraud Alert?”

The TU – High Risk Fraud Alert is a product that is added to the report by TransUnion. It does not necessarily mean that there is fraud on the account, but that the account is at a high risk for fraud. It may have a code that tells you why it is there. If there is no code, it is usually because of a name variation (ie. different spelling) or address history (multiple addresses). It may show up if the applicant has previously lived at an address with a high turnover rate (ie. apartments, dorms, condos, government or military housing, ect.), and the address is listed on different credit applications under multiple names.

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