Pre-adverse Action and Adverse Action Letters

Employers are required by the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) to provide applicants with a pre-adverse action letter if the employer will make an adverse decision based in “whole or in part” on information in a background check report. The pre-adverse action letter informs the applicant that the employer may make an adverse decision based on information contained in their report, and gives the applicant an opportunity to receive a copy of the report and dispute any of the information contained therein. After you have provided the applicant a “reasonable” amount of time (The FTC’s opinion is that five business days is reasonable), to dispute information in their report, you must follow up with an ‘Adverse Action’ letter if you will take adverse action based on the report.

You can access these letters directly from our system towards the bottom of the ‘Report Results’ page.

After you have selected the appropriate letter, you can either ‘View’ or ‘Email’ the letter.

‘View’ the letter to print and send the letter via postal mail. 

If the applicant has an email address on file, use the ‘Email’ option to send the letter immediately via email.


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