Ordering A Background Check

Click on “Order”.

If you have multiple packages configured on your account, you will see a screen listing those packages and a description of each of these packages. In this case, simply click the “Order” button next to the package you wish to order.

If you only have one packaged configured, your screen will look similar to the image below. Simply check the items you wish to be included in your background check. In most cases, the products you requested when you setup your account will be pre-checked.

At this point, you will have two options for ordering, “QuickApp” or “Next”

“QuickApp” will send an email invitation to the applicant and ask them electronically authorize a background check and enter their own information directly into our system. You will only need your applicant’s name and email address to use the QuickApp method.

“Next” will require you to enter all of your applicant’s information into our system. You can use this method if you already have a signed background check release and authorization on file. You will need to have all of your applicant’s information on hand to use this method, including their full Social Security Number and Date of Birth.

QuickApp: Enter your applicant’s first name, last name and email address. Reference, Position/Title and Proposed Salary are optional fields. Data entered into the “Reference” field will appear on your invoice.

Next, choose “Send & Next” or “Send” to place your order. 

Send & Next: This will send your current order and allow you to immediately enter another applicant’s name and email address. Use this method if you will order the same package/products on multiple applicants.

Send: This will place the order and send you immediately to the “Applicant Pending” page. Use this method if you are ordering just one report.

Applicant Pending: This is a list of the applicant’s you have sent a background check invitation to, but they have not yet authorized the background check. From here, you can reset the expiration date, resend the invitation, delete the invitation and/or edit the email address.

Note: There are no charges at this point. Your account will not be charged until the applicant has authorized the background check and ProScreening begins processing the report.

  • Reset Expiration Date: This will allow you to reset the expiration date on the link that was emailed to your applicants. The number of days the link is active is determined by you, the customer, and can be any number of days between 1 and 7. Resetting the expiration date will not send a new email notification.
  • Resend Notification: This will allow you to resend the email invitation for a background check. Resending the notification will not reset the expiration date.
  • Delete: This will delete the background check invitation. This will immediately deactivate the background check link.

Edit Email Address: Clicking this icon will allow you to enter a new email address. After you enter the new email address, click “Resend Notification” to send the background check invitation to the new email address.

If you have chosen to enter your applicant’s information directly into our system by clicking “Next” instead of “QuickApp”, you will be asked for your applicant’s information. As with the QuickApp, Reference, Position/Title and Proposed Salary are optional fields. Fields with an asterisk (*) are required.

After you have entered your applicant’s information, you will be presented with a confirmation screen where you will have a chance to review and edit the information (if needed) before placing your order. Be sure to attach the applicant’s signed authorization and then click “Complete Order.”


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