Why should I order county criminal searches instead of an instant Multi-State criminal database?

ProScreening recommends utilizing both products to get the most complete picture of an applicant's criminal history. While instant criminal databases offer a fast, broad and relatively inexpensive criminal search, they often contain incomplete or outdated case dispositions. Unfortunately, these databases are often sold as "National" criminal databases - implying complete nationwide coverage of every jurisdiction. This is simply not the case as there is no such thing as a "National" criminal database. A more accurate description of these databases might be "Multi-State" or Multi-Jurisdictional." Because these databases lack in accuracy, completeness and coverage, instant criminal databases should never be relied upon as a single source for background checks. Instead, instant databases should be used to supplement a more accurate county criminal search.

County criminal searches are real-time searches of courthouse records in the county(s) where your applicant has lived, worked and/or attended school. These searches offer the most accurate, up-to-date type of search available. It is ProScreening's policy to verify database hits directly at the source to ensure FCRA compliance.

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