Ordering a Drug Test with your ATS (Applicant Tracking System)

There are three ways to order a drug test from ProScreening. Your company’s initial setup preferences will have determined how we have enabled the ordering for these tests. If you would like to add or remove any of the options, please contact our customer service dept.


  • A drug test can be bundled with the initial criminal background check so that both are ordered in the same package. This allows you to click the order button just one time to order both the background check and the drug test. The applicant will be sent the information to take the drug test after they have authorized the background check.


  • You can order a drug test by itself. In this case, the applicant would receive the information to take the drug test shortly after the test has been ordered. The applicant would not need to authorize a background check before receiving this information.


  • A drug test can be added to an existing background check order. After you have ordered a background check, you would select the drug test from the ‘Add Product to Order’ section (see section 3 of this guide), and then click ‘Submit Order.’ This will add the drug test to the existing background check. If the applicant has not yet authorized the background check, they will not receive the information for a drug test until after they have authorized the background check. 

Option 1: Ordering a background check and drug test in one package.



Option 2: Ordering a drug test by itself.



Option 3: Adding a drug test to an existing background check.


When the test is scheduled by ProScreening, the applicant will be sent an email from donotreply@escreen.com. The subject line will be ‘Applicant Name – Company Name Employment Screening Information.’ This email will contain an ‘ePassport’ that will direct them to the collection site for the test. The applicant will need to take the ePassport and their photo ID with them to the selected clinic. We strongly recommend informing your applicants to watch for this email. The applicant may need to check their spam or junk folders to ensure delivery.

Sample email:



Sample ePassport:


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