What are the Payment Terms of My Account and What Methods of Payment are Accepted?


Invoices are emailed on the 1st and 15th of each month. Invoices emailed on the 1st of each month are for completed orders from the 15th through the end of the previous month. Invoices emailed on the 15th of the month are for orders completed from the 1st through the 14th of the current month.

Invoices are emailed from billing@proscreening.com. If you would like the invoices to be sent to more than one user, please contact us at ar@proscreening.com.

Our payment terms are net 30 days.

Since the processing of background checks requires that we front many of the costs associated with collecting data and compiling background check reports, prompt payment of your invoice is appreciated!

Late Payments:

If payment is not received within 30 days, your account will be marked as ‘Past Due’ and may be subject to additional fees per the terms of our agreement, and deactivation at 45 days.

Methods for payment:

ProScreening accepts payments via check, credit card, PayPal or Stripe. You may also place a credit card on file for automatic payments. If you place a card on file, your card will be charged on the 20th of the month for invoices sent on the 1st. Your card will be charged on the 5th of the month for invoices sent on the 15th of the previous month.

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